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7 Ways Reverse DNS Lookup Can Improve Your Marketing Campaign

Posted on June 14, 2018

Whether you use social media or email campaigns, effective digital marketing is more than just distributing content. Reverse DNS lookup is one tool which allows you to match any IP address that accesses your content with a domain name system. This provides crucial data about your marketing targets so that you can optimize your campaign.

Successful Email Delivery

If your marketing campaign relies on email, optimizing your own reverse DNS can ensure that your recipients actually receive your emails. Servers check incoming mail to see that the IP address of the sender matches the DNS of the website that the sender’s email address is linked to. If there is no match, email servers mark the message as spam. Use a reverse DNS lookup API to check that your company’s DNS and IP address are linked appropriately.

Data from Email Integration

Reverse DNS lookup can also be integrated with your email server. Such tools allow you not only to see who is opening your marketing emails, but also what time of day most people view them and what sections of the message drive the most visits to your website. This can provide valuable information for structuring your marketing campaigns.

Database Improvement

While you may be keeping a careful list of contacts for your email campaigns, this data can become outdated at a rate of 2.1% each year. Besides diligently keeping up-to-date with your contact details, you can use a reverse DNS lookup API to automatically generate leads for recipients who show interest in your content.

Higher Search Ranking

You’re probably already using Google AdWords and SEO tactics to improve your company website search ranking. Did you know, however, that search results penalize websites when multiple DNSs or malicious websites are linked to a single IP? This means that if you operate multiple websites from the same source, you could be lowering your search ranking. Do a reverse DNS lookup and consider compiling pages into one site if they link to the same IP address.

Website Visitor Information

You may already be doing a reverse IP check on your site visitors, but the data you collect from these types of searches is often incomplete. This is because most individual internet users do not own their own IP addresses. By using a reverse DNS lookup API, you can acquire more detailed information about the location from which your visitors access your website.

Interest Identification

Reverse DNS lookup tools can also allow you to see exactly how web users are interacting with your website. If they tend to go straight to a specific page instead of reading the home site, for example, you can target your marketing to boost interest in a particular service or product.

Optimal Link-Building

It is also possible to sync reverse DNS search with Google Analytics. This allows you to see how your web visitors are accessing your site and determine where your link-building efforts have the greatest impact. With this knowledge, you can strengthen your marketing campaign by optimally targeting links across more accessed platforms.

With reverse DNS lookup, you can harvest rich data which can be used to improve your marketing campaign. Successful digital marketing is especially important today’s competitive economy and making the most out of all the tools you have can increase your potential for business growth.

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