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What is Reverse IP/DNS API?

Reverse IP/DNS API is a domain and IP intelligence solution that is easily integrable into existing systems and applications. It lets you obtain a comprehensive list of all the domains that resolve to a particular IP address. Results can be viewed in either JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format, whichever works best.

Is there a Reverse IP/DNS API request limit?

If you use the product free of charge, you can only make 100 requests. You can, however, choose to get more credits (1 credit = 1 query) for a one-time fee, depending on how many queries you need to make. Or if you run reverse IP/DNS queries constantly for work, you can opt for a monthly or an annual subscription. Check out this page for more pricing information.

What can you use Reverse IP/DNS API for?

Reverse IP/DNS API can be used for cybersecurity. So if your security solution flags a malicious IP address, Reverse IP/DNS API will tell you the domains connected to it.

Apart from enhancing cybersecurity, reverse IP/DNS API also helps with website administration, marketing and sales, and brand protection. For more information and illustrative examples on using Reverse IP/DNS API, access this product-specific blog.

Does Reverse IP/DNS API come in a different format?

The data you get from Reverse IP/DNS API is also obtainable via:

  • DNS Database Download, which you can also integrate into existing security systems and applications within your own environment.
  • Reverse IP/DNS Lookup, a web-based service that works the same way as the API with the addition of providing a customized URL that points to a report for any given IP address.

What is the idea behind Reverse IP/DNS API?

Reverse IP/DNS API is connected to a massive passive Domain Name System (DNS) database that contains data on 2+ billion hostnames and hundreds of billions of DNS-related events. That lets users know all the domains that resolved to a particular IP address over time. If any of the said domains are malicious, companies that employ IP-level blocking may include a connected IP address in their blacklists.

Where can I find technical information on Reverse IP/DNS API?

Check out our Reverse IP/DNS API Docs page for technical information, including:

  • How to make requests
  • What output formats are available
  • How to check your account balance
  • What error codes mean

How can I get customer support?

If you have additional questions, you may reach out to any of our team members by dropping us an email at:

  • for technical and account support
  • for product customization and feature requests
  • for pricing and partnership inquiries

Various support tiers, including Premium Support, which gives you access to our call center support team members, are also available.

I want to learn more about how the DNS works. Do you have a good resource?

Yes, take a look at our Domain Name System Primer for more information on the key DNS concepts.