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Reverse IP Tracking Is Made for B2B Marketing

Posted on July 30, 2018

A business-to-business company needs to market itself like any other business. Using a basic service of mass advertising, it can be difficult for ads to reach the right audience. As technology advances, customer targeting becomes easier. Reverse IP tracking is a technology that offers an easy way for your B2B to identify or target potential leads. By understanding the uses of reverse IP lookup, you can guide your business towards other businesses that may consider using your services.

Reverse IP Tracking Is Made for B2B Marketing

Reverse IP Technology Explained

Unlike home devices connected to the internet, business computers often leave a unique digital trace that can identify the company associated with it. Residential IPs trace back to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), but major businesses register and own entire ranges of IP addresses.

With a reverse IP tracking enabled, any traffic to your sites is logged for analytics. This is then matched up with the corresponding entry in the domain name system. The DNS is an internet directory that serves as the foundation of the internet by connecting IP addresses to domains. Since this data is publicly available, the digital fingerprint is easily connected using reverse DNS lookup and can improve your marketing.

How Reverse IP Lookup Helps a B2B Company

Reverse IP tracking turns collected data into actionable plans. It has three major benefits to help your B2B company.

1. It Offers Information on Where to Focus

The data collected builds a profile of a prospective company by connecting the IP address with several other pieces of data:

  • What search engine keywords were used to reach the site
  • What webpage the visitor came from
  • How often the visitor checks the page
  • How long the visitor spent on the website
  • How many pages were viewed in total

With this information matched to various types of businesses, future operations can pivot towards where you see fit. If a keyword or a page appears very popular with a certain business demographic, you will know where to focus sales when dealing with that specialty.

2. Marketing Outreach Identifies the Best Companies to Contact

By taking advantage of reverse IP tracking, your B2B company can take note of companies that show interest. Without the technology, the potential customer can leave the page before your B2B has any chance to try and establish a connection.

The gained knowledge of all lost prospects is valuable. It leads your marketing teams towards these businesses to further talks. Although it was enabled with technology working behind the scenes, it will instead seem miraculously timed to your possible business partner.

3. It’s Automatic and Simple to Consult

Without any user interaction, reverse IP lookup builds a profile of every IP on your websites. By consulting a web panel, all of the company names and habits become available for evaluation to guide your business. After all, it’s much easier than cold calling to establish a partnership with a business you now know is interested.

Route Everything by Knowing Everyone’s IP Routing

The importance of routing information from reverse DNS lookup is immense. Knowing as much as possible about the circumstances of each page visit allows personalized tailoring for every customer. B2B is all about solid relationships, so it’s beneficial to get a head start on knowing what the other side is looking for by using reverse IP tracking and the enhanced analytics it brings.

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